Thank You One & All

A Monster Monster WELL DONE to Vinnie, Dave Morgan, Dave Roache & Nick. To all the players, those who figured against Mansfield and those who made this FA Cup run possible with their contribution in earlier rounds. Harrogate Railway have scored 21 GOALS!!! In 8 Massive FA Cup Games. This has been a great experience that has touched Thousands nay Millions of Football Supporters all over the Globe.
It should also be said that it took a Monster Effort from many many people to make sure this fixture went ahead.
Mick Gray & partner Helen worked tirelessly for the past 2 weeks. John, Billy, Ray & Steve our ground staff who are down the ground every week but have had to work like Trojans to make this game go ahead. Emma & Gary, Mr Sunners, Big A, Trev, Bob Gray, Dennis Bentley, Harry Wood, Dave Green, Dave Greenwood, Rob & Judi, John Jenks, Dave Kirk Sue & Brian Owen, Doug Oldfield, Ken ( Beaver FM) Welford, Matt (BARMY BEAVER) Thirkell. Bar Staff Dan, Sarah, Vicky, Kath, Alison, Emma & Gary, Mrs Johnson. The Harrogate Railway Juniors as Mascot’s Ball Boys and Singing Supporters…….
Others who should be mentioned for their part played for this great day.
The BBC (Superb people working in horrendous conditions) SSS (Sports Stadia Service) who covered the pitch. HSS The Hire People who sponsored the game and answered our every need. Yorkshire Tea who have supplied tea and biscuit to the Railway masses. St. Johns Ambulance The Scarborough Stewards, Town Stewards, Mansfield Stewards Our Stewards, North Yorkshire Fire Brigade All our Sponsors NEW AND OLD
All at Mansfield Town Football Club and their Supporters
Thank you for making Sunday a special day for me.
David Shepherd
Football Secretary

5 Responses to “Thank You One & All”

  1. Ryorry Says:

    well said Shep! well done all! what a stupendous feat! and despite the weather, and the result, it was still a fantastic day. And also thanks to the Beeb and the MotD team - it was sweet to get back, play the tape, and see the total respect they gave us, they took the game every bit as seriously as they would have done if it had been 2 Prem’ship teams. Absolute quality all round. :-))

  2. Craig Dinsdale Says:

    Totaly agree and was pleased to hear good reports that have filtered back to the club from all parties involved from the BBC to our opponents on the day Mansfield on the clubs conduct and profesionalism at this level of football.
    The club and its fans were big winners on the day even though te result did not go our way and we should be proud as a club.

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